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Family business operating in a technical niche market

Company description

  • The company is a technical service provider for specific modification to internal transport equipment.
  • The company operates in a niche market and mainly focusses on the logistics sector
  • The company offers a full range of services to its international B2B customers. The company and its technical employees feature extensive technical and market knowledge. The technicians are in possession of the required certifications.
  • The company complies with highly specific market standards and regulations.
  • Due to its professionalism, quality, competitive prices and delivery reliability, the company has built up an excellent reputation.

Transaction rationale

  • The general manager (+70 years old) is planning to leave the company mid-2020 and the current shareholder does not have the time and ambition to operate the company.
  • The seller is looking for a fully committed director/Management Buy-In candidate with operational and commercial expertise and experience with clients at both SME and corporate level.
  • A minimum contribution of € 300k is required by the Management Buy-In candidate.
  • With a stronger focus on its operation and sales strategy, the company should be able to restore the results to the levels of earlier years.
  • The goal of the transaction is to sell a majority of the shares, while the seller remains as a minority shareholder and strategic advisor.
  • The sales manager will remain active within the company.


  • 15 – 30 employees with office and workplace located in The Hague/Rotterdam area.
  • Experienced, certified and loyal employees.
  • The real estate is owned by the shareholder in a separate entity. The real estate could be included in the deal structure. Otherwise, a ten-year lease contract will be concluded.

Investment considerations

  1. Strong market position within niche market, only five comparable companies in Europe
  2. Opportunities for optimisation (mainly operations and sales strategy)
  3. Loyal and international customer base
  4. Supplier and client dependency is limited
  5. Promising outlook for 2020 due to a considerable amount of signed orders (~60% of budget)


The decrease in both revenue and profitability for 2019 is due to several events:

  • The commercial manager faced private circumstances and has not been able to fully focus on commercial activities.
  • The company suffered from three long-lasting and loss-making projects that seized capacity
  • Misfit with an operational manager whose contract has not been renewed.

In earlier years the company has achieved a revenue of at least €2,5m with a normalised EBITDA margin of >20%. Last year’s performance does not reflect the company’s earnings capacity. With a strong director or Management Buy-In candidate, the company should be able to further restore the results.