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Innovative plastic processing company with a sustainable in-house production process seeks new owner

Company characteristics

  • Innovative plastic processing company with a sustainable in-house production process, active in a high volume market;
  • Two advanced, well-equipped and fully robotised production facilities;
  • The company offers a broad and diversified product portfolio;
  • Customers are mainly supplied through own sales offices and well-established international networks of distributors;
  • Loyal and diversified international client base;
  • 20+ years of specialised experience;
  • Flexible and compact organisational structure with short reporting lines.

Investment considerations

  • Strong market position in an internationally oriented consolidating market;
  • A substantial part of the company’s revenues are generated through recurring clients;
  • Due to economies of scale, the company has achieved a demanding position within the supply chain;
  • Synergetic benefits for strategic buyers;
  • Large international market potential;
  • Increasing the intensity of sales and marketing activities will clear the way for further growth in market presence as well as revenues.

Key Financials


Sales rationale

  • The founder and shareholder has established a solid foundation for the company by internationally expanding the business and increasing overall efficiency. These efforts have resulted in a strong market position within the Netherlands and a well settled and reputable name within the European market.
  • Mainly due to a lack of a successor, the founder and shareholder is considering a sale of 100% of the shares to an established strategic buyer or investor with the experience and know-how to fully exploit the company’s market potential.