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Investment opportunity: Industry-leading construction project management firm

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General information

  • The company is engaged in construction management and advisory activities. The company manages large and complicated construction projects and offers all services and knowledge to successfully manage the preparations, execution and completion of these projects within the contracted time, budget and quality.
  • The company offers its advisory services to clients:
    • A fixed price for the total scope of services and hours; or
    • Retrospective payment of hourly rates
  • The company has a diversified and geographically well-spread project portfolio which consists of projects in segments such as:
    • Large housing corporations
    • Residential project development
    • Hospitals
    • Universities
    • Offices and industrial buildings
    • Retail centres



Investment rationale

  1. The company has a best-of-class financial track record of highly profitable growth.
  2. The increasing number of sustainability projects and rapidly changing policies provide a strong basis for the future.
  3. Long-lasting relationships and high recurrence of top 10 clients.
  4. An experienced and complementary team of well-qualified and dedicated employees.
  5. The combination of revenues from different segments and the recurring nature results in low-risk exposure.
  6. Consequently, divestment of the company by the current stakeholders to a potential buyer creates an interesting business case for a financial or an industrial player to support the next stage of growth.

Sales rationale

  • Because of other ambitions, the current stakeholders wish to withdraw from daily operations. The remaining management team has the capacity to continue the operation of the company.
  • The current shareholders are open to discuss a potential (re)investment.