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Leading, fast growing and internationally active German IT company is looking for acquisition opportunities in the Dutch IT-market

Search criteria

  • Is (preferably) a traditional software developer and/or service provider
  • Has a stable organization with approximately 15 to 100 employees
  • Is active in financial services, healthcare, public services, automotive or utilities
  • Realize stable or growing revenues between €3 mln and €35 mln annually
  • Has a strong network with cross-selling opportunities for the acquirer
  • Primarily serves medium and larger size (corporate and/or public) clients
  • Is profitable and  has a solid financial foundation, possibly with room for improvement
  • Is open to a sale of (preferably) 100% of the company’s shares
  • Has (a) selling shareholder(s) who wishes to stay on board post-transaction

Buyer’s profile

A leading, fast-growing and internationally active German IT company is looking for acquisition opportunities in the Dutch IT market in order to increase its local footprint. The company is a traditional software developer and IT consultancy service provider and employs a few thousand employees spread over a large number of offices in several European countries. The company’s activities can be divided into two segments, IT services: offering clients customized, project-oriented consulting- and software development solutions, and IT Solutions: offering clients standardized, in-house developed software solutions and products.

Activities and sector

The target company is either a traditional software developer, a developer of tailor-made software, an IT consulting company or a combination of these. The target company is active in a B2B-market and serves medium and/or larger size (corporate) clients

Business areas

The target company is preferably active in one or several of the following market segments:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Public services
  • Automotive
  • Utilities
  • Retail

Target’s characteristics

Location and organisation

The target company has a solid financial track record, realises revenues between approximately €3mln and €35mln annually and is profitable, however, companies with room for financial improvement will not be excluded beforehand. The target company has a strong market position and employs a workforce of approximately 15 to 100 people.

Group integration

The acquirer is looking for a smaller or medium-sized company that can benefit from being part of a large, internationally active, leading player in the IT market. The target company is ready for the next (growth) phase and offers cross-selling opportunities for the acquirer. The target company will function as a (growth) platform in which the acquiring company’s existing activities in the Dutch market can be integrated.

Deal structure

The acquirer strongly prefers acquisition of 100% of the shares of the target company, although obtaining a majority stake with the possibility to eventually obtain the remaining minority stake is also discussable. The selling shareholder(s) and/or management should be willing to remain involved with the company for a longer time span.