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Producer and developer of dietary supplements in growing market

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Investment considerations

  1. Attractive niche market with high EBITDA margins and low Capex needs
  2. The market shows an increased demand for dietary supplements
  3. Demographic developments show an increase in food intolerance and allergies
  4. Products are sold worldwide via multiple sales channels
  5. Sales are mostly demand-driven
  6. Impressive revenue and EBITDA growth in the past years and strong current trading
  7. Multiple growth opportunities exist in addition to autonomous market growth
  8. The flexible organisation allows for fast development of new products
  9. Because of COVID-19, growth of the business is approximately 20-30% instead of 40%

Transaction rationale

The current owner started the company more than 10 years ago because of food intolerance and no adequate dietary supplements were available. From the start, the company has grown significantly driven by excellent market potential. The impressive growth figures and potential led the current owner to the decision that the company is ready for the next phase in which a new partner or buyer can further exploit ample growth opportunities.


  • Developing, producing and selling (via multiple sales channels whereas products are also promoted by dieticians) dietary supplements for people with food intolerances
  • Active in a niche market that is growing rapidly driven by a large increase in the number of people with food intolerances and allergies and increased awareness of preventative healthcare via dietary supplements
  • The company works adhering to strict quality procedures where raw materials and finished goods are tested at an external laboratory
  • Due to a lack of time and focus on existing interesting opportunities, the company has not been able to exploit further growth (new products, new countries, additions sales channels)

Organisation and location

  • Good reputation and product quality results in a loyal customer base with a high percentage of recurring sales
  • Currently, the company works on a 4-day basis which provides room to increase capacity relatively easy
  • 8-12 employees of which 30% are flexible contracts
  • Located in the north of the Netherlands