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Specialist in designing and installing digital and interactive audio-visual systems

General info

The company is a specialist in designing and installing digital and interactive audio-visual systems with systems software and systems integration expertise, in the Benelux countries. It delivers solutions from system designs, hardware acquisition, software development, system integration to a premium after-sales service.

Investment highlights

  • The digital signage market is expected to keep growing in the coming years.
  • The company has a lot of untapped growth potential. Targeting new markets and increasing the market and sales efforts of the company will strongly increase revenues.
  • Sector expertise allows the company to serve specific customers in the corporate and cultural sector.
  • Long-term relationships with customers, resulting in routine partnerships with a strong flow of recurring projects. This loyal customer base led to 54% recurring clients in 2018.
  • Skilled employees whose thorough product expertise adds significant value to customers.
  • Easy integration: since the company only has a relatively small employee base, it can easily be integrated into a larger company.

Transaction rationale

  • Since the owner of the company has no successor for the company, he is now looking for a buyer.
  • The preferred transaction structure is a transfer of 100% of the shares to a new owner. One of the key employees is willing to acquire a 10% share in the company.


The graph below presents historical and future revenues and EBITDA. The normalised EBITDA amounted to €671k in 2018 and is projected as €859k in 2019.

financiële gegevens